Unlocking the brain will enable unprecedented advances in human potential, but will also create serious challenges.

The BrainMind Ecosystem is a collective of top brain scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and other doers and thinkers who aim to advance ideas in neuroscience, psychology, brain health and vibrancy, optimized learning, and other cutting-edge BrainMind topics. Members of this unique group are patient, risk-tolerant, and passionate about the brain and the mystery of human consciousness, in addition to being individually at the top of their respective fields.

Because creating innovative ideas and companies in neuroscience is time- and capital-intensive, BrainMind is developing a new investing philosophy to move the field forward. To this end, the BrainMind Ecosystem is coordinating around road-mapping the path forward for innovation in the field and from that roadmap, catalyzing the most impactful and underinvested ideas with talent and funding.

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