Advanced Special Projects Team

E.Y.O.L. educational programs include special paid internships for qualifying students on the Advanced Special Projects Team (ASPT), under the leadership of Dr. Michael McCullough and Diana Saville. The ASPT is composed of dedicated and high-performing students from across the US who aspire to make a major positive impact on humanity through entrepreneurship.

ASPT members work with and support leaders in medical innovation, impact investing, and social enterprise. Take a deep dive into the inner workings of seed-stage startup companies and nonprofits, learn what it takes to build and scale impactful organizations, and gain hands­-on experience with projects across a variety of skills/disciplines. 

About Dr. McCullough: 

In addition to being a Professor of Emergency Medicine at UCSF, Dr. McCullough is an Ashoka Fellow and founder of BrainMind, QuestBridge, Be a Good Doctor, and a host of other programs including for-profit companies and investing (e.g. HeartFlow, RegenMed Systems, 2U). Dr. McCullough is also a Kauffman Fellow, bridging business and medicine, and a Partner at Headwaters Capital Partners. Dr. McCullough often involves students in the creation of new programs, and is hiring a team to build new social ventures this year. Students often help him co-create projects or serve in the due-diligence of companies and new ventures.  For more information on Dr. McCullough, see his profile on Wikipedia or LinkedIn:

About Diana Saville:

Diana Saville is the President of Entrepreneur of Your Life, Inc. (E.Y.O.L.), and is an expert in creative communication of complex scientific and medical concepts. She develops multimedia educational programs in science and technology for audiences including doctors, investors, researchers, patients, and the public, and organizes national and international expert summits on scientific and medical topics. Her creative work has been featured in the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at TED conferences, at the World Economic Forum, and at the Vatican. She collaborates with leading minds at top institutions including Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, the U.S. Air Force, and the American Museum of Natural History. Learn more about Diana and see her creative work at

Unlocking the brain will enable unprecedented advances in human potential, but will also create serious challenges.

The BrainMind Ecosystem is a collective of top brain scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and other doers and thinkers who aim to advance ideas in neuroscience, psychology, brain health and vibrancy, optimized learning, and other cutting-edge BrainMind topics. Members of this unique group are patient, risk-tolerant, and passionate about the brain and the mystery of human consciousness, in addition to being individually at the top of their respective fields.

Because creating innovative ideas and companies in neuroscience is time- and capital-intensive, BrainMind is developing a new investing philosophy to move the field forward. To this end, the BrainMind Ecosystem is coordinating around road-mapping the path forward for innovation in the field and from that roadmap, catalyzing the most impactful and underinvested ideas with talent and funding.

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Providing opportunities for brilliant refugee students to study at top-notch universities in the United States.

The Global Leadership Incubator (GLI) is an international nonprofit organization created to identify, recruit, mentor, and support outstanding, high-performing scholars, young leaders, and young entrepreneurs worldwide. We begin our work with students as early as the first year of high school, and extend our support through college and into graduate school or first job.

The GLI has chosen students of Tibetan and Himalayan origin as its first group of developing leaders.  The GLI’s Tibet Himalaya Project is being created with the support and collaboration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration. It is designed to inspire Tibetan and Himalayan students to aim high academically, personally, and as global citizens.
Participation in the GLI is a partnership between students and the GLI network, offered to exceptional students demonstrating distinctive leadership, initiative, talent, and performance. GLI students will have access to many resources designed to bolster and enhance their college years, professional careers, and lives.

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A rapid, minimally-invasive, and clinically-proven system for harvesting bone marrow.  

RegenMed Systems is a startup medical device company poised to advance bone marrow-derived therapies in cardiovascular disease, orthopedics, and beyond. RegenMed’s bone marrow harvesting device, the MarrowMiner, has the potential to significantly increase the supply of available allogenic and autologous stem cells for the advancement of regenerative medicine. E.Y.O.L. Inc. is partnering with RegenMed Systems to explore potential not-for-profit uses of their device, such as in stem cell transplantation in conjunction with organ donation to confer immune tolerance for patients in critical care. The MarrowMiner is a proud development of Stanford Biodesign.

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