Positions Available: Term Time and Summer Internships with the Advanced Special Projects Team

Entrepreneur of Your Life, Inc. (E.Y.O.L.) is currently hiring a team of motivated students to join the national Advanced Special Projects Team under the leadership of Dr. Michael McCullough and Diana Saville. This distinguished team brings together the brightest minds from across the United States to accelerate the growth, development, and impact of several leading for­-profits and nonprofits in biotech, bioethics, education, and impact investing. Team members have opportunities to make significant contributions to the growth and development of various social enterprise activities in healthcare and education. The internship is designed to help students to realize their leadership potential as future social entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Advanced Special Projects Team

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The Advanced Special Projects Team (ASPT) will work with and support leaders in medical innovation, impact investing, and social enterprise with guidance from physician, entrepreneur, and BeAGoodDoctor/Questbridge founder Dr. Michael McCullough. Interns will get to take a deep dive into the inner workings of seed-stage startup companies and nonprofits, learn what it takes to build and scale impactful organizations, and gain hands­-on experience with projects across a variety of skills/disciplines. 

Some of the initiatives supported by E.Y.O.L. include:

● BrainMind: a vibrant neuroscience ecosystem bringing together the top scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists in seeking to accelerate impactful innovation within the science of the brain and mind. Get hands-on social entrepreneurship and healthcare investment exposure while helping this nonprofit enterprise to develop conscientious, impact-focused field leadership in neuroscience.

● RegenMed Systems: a seed-stage startup medical device company that has developed a rapid, minimally-invasive, and clinically-proven system for harvesting bone marrow. Help explore potential non-profit uses of this revolutionary invention.

● Global Leadership Incubator (GLI): a nonprofit educational initiative providing peer-to-peer mentorship, scholarships, and other opportunities for refugees and other underserved students. Help broker need-based college scholarships and mentorship for students with incredible drive and potential.

● E.Y.O.L. internal projects: nonprofit leadership and entrepreneurship program for underserved college students. We are workshopping our internship program internally and also developing a comprehensive guide for low-income students on how to approach the college experience like an entrepreneur!

Because of the wide range of programming, this internship can be tailored to fit each student preferences. If selected for this team, you will have a chance to explore all programs before deciding on which activities best fit your interests and aspirations. Interns will have opportunities to develop new market-relevant skills while engaging in activities such as:

- Creating and refining outreach materials for seed-stage social ventures and nonprofit initiatives to scale impactful programs (learn how to make pitch decks, 1-pagers, write articles for publication, and more).

- Coordinating and participating in live cause-related events with superstar scientists, prominent tech founders, venture capitalists, and impact investors (be a part of high-level expert summits, Jeffersonian dinners, scientific conferences, and other special events).

- Conducting market research and helping to develop business models for new ventures (learn how to conduct market analyses, design business plans, and compile intel reports for entrepreneurs and executives).

- Participating in product development, testing, research (learn how to design research studies, write and compile grants, learn about the product lifecycle of advanced therapeutics and medical devices).

- Developing online content on topics such as how specific advances in neuroscience, regenerative medicine, and other scientific fields can be leveraged to yield maximum public health benefit (learn to write compelling online content, develop social media and online marketing campaigns, and more).

- Providing mentorship and guidance for international refugee students to bolster and enhance their college years, professional careers, and lives (take on the role of peer mentor and help provide life-changing opportunities for others).

- Conducting interviews with program participants and field leaders to curate and improve ongoing social programs (learn how to self-assess and improve your organization from within).

Strong candidates will demonstrate:
● Creativity, resourcefulness, curiosity, strong work ethic, self motivation

● Interest in business, health, and science
Comfortable working in flexible, changing environments

● Growth mindset (or desire to learn and cultivate this essential entrepreneurial trait!)

Position logistics:
● Compensation available through the federal work­ study program for qualifying students
● Part-time internships available throughout the fall, spring terms
● Full-­time internships available during summer periods
● Work can be done in Cambridge/San Francisco, or remotely with permission


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Students who participated in the Advanced Special Projects Team (ASPT) internship shared their thoughts on the program:

“The ASPT was an incredibly unique experience which broadened my perspective of biology and science, showing me the importance of both a multidisciplinary understanding and approach to scientific problems. I’ve never had the opportunity to approach science from such an integrative lens, so I’m grateful ASPT gave me the chance to do so. Michael McCullough, Daniel Kraft, and the others involved in ASPT are also a big inspiration. Being titans in their respective fields, I was excited to learn the many creative and driven ways they’ve made their own unique mark on the world. Thank you so much for this opportunity Diana, I really enjoyed my time with ASPT and I'm hoping I have time to continue during the school year!”

ASPT Intern, Summer 2018
Harvard University

“My experience with the ASPT has helped me become more connected the landscape of the intersection of neuroscience and technology, whether that means people, ideas, research, or devices and software while simultaneously conditioning my scientific writing and communication skill set. It also helped me to build a network of young professionals and potential mentors, not limited to the Bay Area, to help me learn and grow professionally and personally as I continue to do work in the space of neuroscience + tech. I hope I can continue to stay connected to this space and network, even after my official position ends.”

ASPT Intern, Summer 2018
Stanford University

“Thank you so, so much for a rewarding few months at BrainMind (and RegenMed!) as an ASPT intern. As I'm sure you remember, at the start of this summer I was really unsure of what direction I was heading towards after graduation this summer, but after being at BrainMind, I'm fairly certain that I'll be remaining in the life sciences and healthcare industry. By far, I really appreciated your willingness to help me learn so many different aspects about non-profits, which really allowed me to see how a non-profit building itself from the ground up really works. I've gained a lot of concrete skills such as grant writing, event planning, and formal writing for white papers and research papers, in addition to really refining some softer skills such as email writing and teamwork. This semester, I've been really excited to take a Psychopharmacology course that feels so familiar from this summer, and I have you and BrainMind to thank! Thanks again for all of your support and guidance -- I think I speak on behalf of all of the other interns as well when I say that we really couldn't have done it without you.”

ASPT Volunteer, Summer 2018
Harvard University

“This summer I had the opportunity to actively learn many skills and directly apply them to real-world problems. Through my work with this team, I was able to both diversify my skillset as well as deepen my skills in certain areas. The skills that I practiced were in various areas, from business development to software development to project management. The chance to interface and meet with various members of the BrainMind ecosystem as well as gain invaluable skills has already been of great use to me, as I will find myself in a managerial role this academic year at Stanford University.

I certainly was challenged during this internship. It was very rare that I would be developing just one skill at a time; on the contrary, the demands of developing these varied non-profits usually required that I simultaneously wear multiple hats. That being said, every day was its own adventure, presenting new challenges to overcome — and consequently, new lessons to be learned. I always felt comfortable reaching out to managers and/or supervisors when I wanted to learn more about my work or seek guidance, and overall, I am very pleased that I had the chance to be a part of this talented team of students. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with some of these projects during the school year.”

ASPT Intern Lead, Summer 2018
Stanford University

“Thanks again very much for the experience, it was really great working with you. I definitely feel like I gained a lot of experience that I'd never had the opportunity to get before. The entirety of the entrepreneurship side of the companies was very eye-opening and provided a lot of insights into what a future in these types of industries could look like. I'm very grateful for the experience.”

ASPT Volunteer, Summer 2018
Harvard University

“I genuinely appreciate the opportunity this internship gave me to learn more about social entrepreneurship and, as a result, develop an entrepreneurial mindset. As a Manager, your thoughtful feedback/suggestions during Team Lead calls on assignments and the advice you provided me with how to fit the entrepreneurial mindset best to get things done for BrainMind, as well as your positivity and camaraderie deserve high recognition. Moving forward, I hope to stay in touch with you and the rest of the ASP Team, as I prepare to conclude my final year at Harvard and figure out what it is I want to do next in life.”

ASPT Intern Lead, Summer 2018
Harvard University

“This summer, I gained invaluable experience learning how to write scientific grant proposals. I was also able to assist with a project aiming to place high achieving Tibetan students into competitive colleges amongst other things. I would recommend joining ASPT if you’re looking for a diverse meaningful summer experience and if you’re someone that loves tackling projects and taking initiative.”

ASPT Intern, Summer 2018
Stanford University