The mission of E.Y.O.L. is to nurture the next generation of impact-focused entrepreneurs in science, technology, and education.

Entrepreneur of Your Life, Inc. (E.Y.O.L.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to empower future entrepreneurs while helping seed-stage social ventures gain traction and create sustainable impact. We provide mentorship and entrepreneurial experiences to underserved students through our summer and term-time internship programs, and we provide fiscal sponsorship to select early-stage non-profit programs in science and medicine. E.Y.O.L. supports a variety of social ventures in and entrepreneurial efforts in healthcare, technology, and education, with a broad aim to realign investment and industry incentives with social and public good.

Primary Activities:

  • Nurturing future entrepreneurs with hands-on social enterprise and entrepreneurship experiences

  • Offering direct mentorship and exposure to the enormous diversity of careers in science and technology

  • Providing fiscal sponsorship and other forms of support for seed stage social ventures (see supported activities)

Supported Activities:

  • Supporting the acceleration of beneficial neuroscience and regenerative medicine

  • Brokering US college scholarships and mentorship for top-performing refugee students

  • Building grassroots social programs to improve human connection and strengthen communities

Populations engaged:

  • Underserved, high-performing students in the United States

  • Entrepreneurs and researchers in neuroscience and regenerative medicine

  • Student refugees from Tibet and Himalayan regions

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Executive Team


Diana Saville

Founder, President


Joseph Kim

Executive Director



Associates & Staff

Michael McCullough, MD
Program Awardee

Maia Mosse
Program Advisor

Bilal Nadeem
Program Manager

Sandra Kong
Program Specialist

Trenton Chang
Program Manager / Data Architect

Wunmi Akinlemibola
Program Specialist

Sherry Gao
Program Manager

Calvin Nguyen