E.Y.O.L. provides entrepreneurship and social enterprise experiences to underserved students.

Entrepreneur of Your Life, Inc. (E.Y.O.L.) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to nurture the next generation of impact-focused entrepreneurs in science, technology, and education. E.Y.O.L. programs provide mentorship and hands-on education to underserved students while helping early-stage social ventures gain traction and create sustainable impact. Our sponsored programs leverage ethical and effective entrepreneurial approaches to realign investment and industry incentives with social and public good. Current activities include: supporting the development conscientious, impact-focused innovation in neuroscience and regenerative medicine; building grassroots social programs to improve human connection and strengthen communities, and brokering college scholarships and mentorship for top-performing refugee students.

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A vibrant neuroscience ecosystem bringing together the top scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists in seeking to accelerate impactful innovation within the science of the brain and mind


A nonprofit educational initiative brokering peer-to-peer mentorship, full need-based scholarships, and other opportunities for refugee students


A seed-stage startup medical device company that has developed a rapid, minimally-invasive, and clinically-proven system for harvesting bone marrow. Help explore potential non-profit uses of this revolutionary invention